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A Remote Location With The Convenience Of A Hotel In Fernie

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

With our remote destination you must be wondering what your stay will look like at Brooks Creek Ranch. How will you get to the ski hill? Where will you dine? Though our location is off the beaten path, we provide several services that make your stay with us just as convenient as if you were to stay in a hotel in downtown Fernie. Brooks Creek Ranch is still in its beginning stages of development. Coming soon will be a full service dining room and more amenities for our guests but for now we offer convenient solutions to fill in the blanks that are currently under development. From our Personal Transport Shuttle to our countless adventures directly on our property, Brooks Creek Ranch provides a peaceful stay where your personal concierge makes everything a breeze.

Stay & Ski Packages

When you stay at Brooks Creek Ranch for your ski getaway we offer vouchers from the Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. These vouchers are good for lift tickets, rentals, and lessons too! The vouchers provide a discounted rate for lift tickets for both single day and multi-day passes. The best part? Your personal concierge will organize the entire thing for you from ski and snowboard rentals and lessons for beginners to getting your lift tickets for you so you nearly eliminate the time you wait in line! When you arrive at Brooks Creek Ranch your package will be waiting for you to get on the slopes quickly and efficiently.

Getting To The Ski Hill

Enjoy a hot beverage or breakfast on-the-go made fresh at our breakfast bar on the Shuttle to the ski hill. The busy parking lot, the line up to get your tickets, and the long walk to the lift are all things we want to avoid – our Shuttle drops you off right at the entrance to the lift! For those who need rentals, the Shuttle will take you to get your fitting and ensure you are well looked after until you get on the lift. When it’s time to be picked up, our Shuttle will come get you. If you prefer to give us your equipment to return to Brooks Creek Ranch and stay in town for dinner or drinks that’s something we are more than happy to do! We will even pick you up from wherever you end up to bring you back to the lodge safely.

Renting & Returning Equipment 

We strive to make the rental process as easy as possible for our guests. Once the Shuttle arrives at the rental shop, we ensure our vouchers are used for rental equipment and that our guests are fitted properly. We will even take the equipment back to the rental shop on your behalf at the end of the day.

Eating at Brooks Creek Ranch

Currently we do not offer lunch or dinner, but we do offer ordering and pick up services from restaurants in town. All our guests have to do is ask us to order from their favourite restaurant in Fernie. We will place your order, pick it up, and bring it back to the lodge at the exact time you want it. Another dining solution we offer while we are working on getting our restaurant up and running is our Shuttle will drop you off at a restaurant of your choice in Fernie and pick you up once you’re finished.

Happy Hour

After a long day of exploring and adventuring, coming back to our remote mountain lodge should be relaxing and peaceful. For our 18+ guests we provide Happy Hour at an additional cost. We’ll even pick up your dinner in Fernie to bring back and enjoy by the fire with a stunning mountain view.

What To Do On Our Property

At Brooks Creek Ranch we have a trail on the property that is great for snowshoeing and hiking. Fat bikes are also welcome on our property’s trail throughout the winter though it’s a shorter trail – perfect for a family with younger kids or for those who want a quick ride.

Snowshoes, sleds, and toboggans are also available to our guests. For  equipment like fat bikes and cross country skis that are fit specific, we are happy to take guests into town to be fitted for the equipment. We will also return the equipment for our guests to make the entire process easier for you!

We can also provide a tour guide to take you through the trails on our property and provide safety information to keep you safe on your explorations.

For Kids

Being in the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains we get an abundant amount of snow. Kids can play in the snow all day with enough room to build a snow quinzee or snow fort, snowmen, and go sledding too! Bringing your family to Brooks Creek Ranch is a great way to bond through play. As a family you can go for walks in the gorgeous scenery, enjoy a fire during the evening, even hop in the hot tub to wind down for the night. The TVs in each room have access to Netflix, high speed internet, and our small library provides entertainment for quiet moments.

Stress-Free Stays

Brooks Creek Ranch is continuously creating ways to make your getaway as easy as possible. As we develop and expand the property and our features, we provide convenient solutions for our guests to take advantage of. If you have any questions or concerns about staying in an off-the-grid location please contact us! We look forward to sharing an experience unlike any other. Are you interested in learning more about Brooks Creek Ranch? We would love to hear from you. Contact us to check availability today!

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